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That it took 18 months to record the first blog post should be an indication of how busy we have been on the homestead and how much we’ve learned (and learned the hard way). Nevertheless, here we are with winter upon us and more time than usual to start populating the site.

There should be a flurry of posts in the coming weeks as we have plenty of things to share that I hope will be entertaining, amusing and above all, helpful homestead tips. We have one full winter and now one-and-a-half summers under our boots so I feel we’ve learned a bit. Each season has brought new challenges and new joys. The balance it strikes is nothing short of amazing. While we miss warm summer nights with a 9 p.m. sunset, it’s nice to be rid of the skeeters and the lawn tractor for a few months. And while I love digging in the garden, gathering and splitting wood in the fall is one of my favorite tasks. I can’t even call it a chore…

We did some interior remodels last year to our house, mostly in the kitchen. While it was great to refresh the room, we’ve decided to take this winter off from remodeling as we’re OK with the remaining rooms for the time being and we never go upstairs. I’ve also decided to pull the engine out of Subaru, which has a head gasket leak (among  many other things) and for which the dealer is asking nearly 4K to fix – what we paid for it not even two years ago. I’ve priced it out to around 1500 if i go at myself. If i fail… well, it was scrap anyway.

It was a pricier summer than we had hoped, but we believe the investments made will allow us to continue to be more self-sufficient on the homestead in the coming years.