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Whether laziness, a lack of county garbage pickup or a fascination with setting things on fire – our land has no shortage of garbage piles. I understand options were limited for refuse removal in rural areas… but I question why garbage on our land is so widespread. Each time we clear more brush on the homestead, we find more trash. This week we unearthed quite the pile of old cans.

I found a Mountain Dew can that was very out of fashion. No wide mouth top, different logo and heavier than modern cans. Needless to say, the former owner ignored the can’s suggestion to “please recycle,” and “please don’t litter” and just tossed it off the driveway.


Someone needs to work on his or her aim…


Also on the side of the can it said Play Pepsi “21.” I Googled the promotion and after some searching deemed the can was from 1989, making it the same age as Taylor Swift.

And while the can is not as attractive as Swift, it looks pretty good considering it narrowly avoided an arson attempt, was used for .22 target practice and has been buried in the dirt. What’s my point?

I don’t know. I guess that it’s shocking how long your trash can live even if you shoot it, set it on fire and bury it. According to the National Park Service, this can is middle aged at most and could even make it to 200 – if it watches what it eats.

Thankfully we have modern trash and recycling pickup now, so once we get this type of stuff picked up we can keep our land clean for the foreseeable future. Think about this can the next time you toss in the trash what belongs in the recycling.