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A terrifying moment for both chicks and new chick parents, the first night out in the coop! Five weeks after the little fluff balls arrived coop was ready and their feathers had filled in. The time had come to move them into the coop. We had spent the last few weeks accumulating them to the outdoor temperatures by putting them in the bottom part of the coop to get used to grass, sun, and best of all bugs!! It was amazing watching these tiny chicks instinctively peck out harvester spiders and ants in a flash.


Two weeks old out in the grass for short periods of time to get used to the great outdoors

…the first night in the coop… We blocked off the nesting boxes so they wouldn’t get used to sleeping in there, sleeping=pooping and you want to avoid pooping habits in the nesting boxes as much as you can.

So, in the little ladies went for then night…

I was beyond nervous for them. We live down in a valley with a creek that runs through the middle of our property, which brings lots of racoons and other wildlife. I don’t think I slept a wink that night. But with all the fussing and worrying, I had to remind myself that they are chickens. They did just fine and settled right in.




They were all huddled in the corner when I checked on them one of the many times during the night.