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After the long agonizing wait for eggs it just happens to be January in Wisconsin… Yup, you guessed it, things here are frozen, including our precious eggs!

First of all, how to tell if they are frozen?

The most obvious sign is that they are cracked open and there is frozen egg all over the outside

Another way to tell if it is frozen is to spin it like if you were checking for hard boiled vs. fresh eggs. If it spins very fast on the counter, it is frozen.
If the egg is not frozen, it will spin slowly and wobble all over the place. The egg will spin fast even if it is just partially frozen too!

And if all else fails…throw it at someone and see if it cracks!! It might just be worth the sacrifice of the egg.

20150207_093629 (2).jpg

Some frozen eggs ready for scrambling!

You may wonder if you can eat these frozen eggs? If the shell is cracked we typically toss it in a bowl and put it in the fridge. When we’ve gathered enough I scramble them up, eggshell and all and feed them back to the chickens. They love it! I would not eat these myself since the egg may be compromised being cracked open. The eggs that are not cracked but are frozen, I let thaw out and will scramble those up for ourselves. The yolk never really softens back up to a liquid, it turns more jello-like  and doeskin really mix with the white of the egg as well. I wouldn’t use them for backing but they are perfectly safe to eat!


You can see how the yolks never really return to a liquid

I still haven’t mastered/tried anything to keep the eggs from freezing but here is a thread I started on a forum with some helpful ideas.


Added Side Story: Last night I went to the nesting box to gather frozen eggs. It was a high of -2 yesterday. I pick up the two eggs we had and POW!! A puff of air shot out of the egg! It was like a small bomb. I’ve never had one explode on me before! Luckily the egg innards were in a mostly frozen state so there wasn’t any mess. I hope the eggs don’t do that every time they freeze and crack! It must scare the bejezus out of the ladies!