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This will be a really ridiculous story and totally unrelated to most of my posts but it shows how grateful I am to have a tinkering husband.

We’ve all had moments when you finally get excited about cleaning the house and vacuum the rug. One Sunday, I had my moment. I started vacuuming the family room, our one piece of carpet in the house, everything was going well until I realized the hose didn’t have any suction power.  So I detached the hose, shook it out, peeked through and saw nothing that was blocking the air. I then stuck my finger in the hole going into the vacuum where the hose attaches and again, felt nothing.

So, I did what most people would do, threw my hands up, stopped cleaning and reported that the vacuum was broken to Joe. I had to get to work, (a side job in town at a shop once a week), so I left my husband with the broken vacuum and went to work.

Completely forgetting this situation, I’m sitting at the shop behind the counter when I get this text message with the following photo, “That was easy.”


Oh, good grief…after thinking, man now we have to go buy a new vacuum cleaner, my husband finds part of a cat toy clogging up the airway. Phew! He pulled it out and walla, the vacuum works again!

Super grateful for a second set of eyes and some smart thinking around the house 🙂