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Growing up with horses and caring for them as a way of making ends meet gave me a lot of experience with animal injury. If a horse has a cut – no need to call a vet just yet! Let me clean up the wound, find the source and see what some antiseptic and Fura-Zone will do. However, when it came to chicken injuries, I was clueless!


So when disaster struck our flock and we had our first bloody wound I wasn’t sure what products to use. I jumped on http://www.backyardchickens.com and to gather advice from fellow chicken owners.


One person suggested using Peroxide only as an initial clean up but not to use it on a daily basis due to its harshness on damaged tissue. She suggested using Betadine/Provilone Iodine 10% solution as an alternative. But beware, it stains anything it touches, including feathers and clothing.

So after the cleanup of the wound it was suggested using a product called Vetericyn as a wound salve.


It is a spray gel that is safe for chickens. It’s not cheap, but has proven effective. As you read in past posts, we’ve had chickens take a shredding from coons and hawks, and all have healed up to peck another day a away!