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I love love love avocados!! I love eating them straight up, I love guacamole, I love them in salads..the love is endless. But what I do NOT love is how quickly they turn brown and gross.

I read somewhere that if you rub a bit of olive oil on your cut avacado and wrap it up tight in an air tight container it won’t brown as quick.

The tiny soft green fruit was on sale last week and I bought one. I ate the first half in a salad and tested this theory out on the second and thought I’d share the results with all of you. This is a picture from one night being cut in half, rubbed with olive oil, wrapped in a plastic sandwich bag and kept in the fridge.


As you can see, there are just a few small brown spots. I wonder if cutting it with a plastic/ceramic knife would help? I’ve heard cutting lettuce with a ceramic/plastic knife slows wilting.



Looking good there little avocado! To me this is still very edible. I have no problem eating food that has a little brown on it. I know some people that will not eat a banana if the peel has even the slightest speck of brown to it. To me, I’m okay with it. So far this olive oil trick seems to be doing some good. Lets see if we can get a day 3 out of it!!!



Believe it or not but three nights in the fridge with some oil rubbed on and in a plastic bag has done it again! This avocado is still edible by my standards. Not much discoloration a bit softer than it was three days ago but still better than other attempts to save this tiny fruit over a period of days!