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In the post “A bridge over troubled water,” I was quite proud of the makeshift footbridge I built in one day entirely out of reused barn wood and beams. I’m not less proud of it, but I am more aware of its vertical challenges.

This weekend brought temperatures in the high forties. A welcome event for sure, but with 5 inches of snow still on the ground it also meant plenty of flash flooding. When I came home Friday night I was shocked to see how high our creek was. I’d say it’s the highest it’s been since we lived here, but before we cleared the land the wild growth would’ve hid most of this and I’m sure this might be its regular flood bank.

The bridge held true, though. Despite clogging up with sticks and logs, it didn’t wash away as water rushed over top of it. I’m confident this summer it will provide an ample ingress/egress from the west to the east side of the property, but it’s likely temporary.

The most amazing thing about our creek is how quickly it sheds water. By Saturday morning, a mere 12 hours after the video and picture, it was back to nearly it’s current flow. I pulled a lot of crap out from underneath the bridge and it was like pulling the drain plug in a bath tub. It instantly sucked all sorts of twigs and branches to other side and proceeded to flow normally. It’s always fun to watch firsthand how quickly nature changes it’s mind.