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In the midst of a Wisconsin winter, we take our dog, Basil, to doggy daycare once a week to get some playtime and cooped up energy out. It’s perfect, its on the way to our office jobs, the staff is great, its cheap and Basil loves it! He gets to spend all day outside in a yard of dogs as part of a “pack.”

12540840_10153408514011169_5993862763762642104_n.jpgOne evening, Joe went to pick up Basil after a day of play and work. When he collected Basil, he had a big fresh bite wound on his shoulder. The attendant apologized profusely and suggested we take him in for stitches.

So off they went to the vet, thankfully they were still open and we avoided an emergency fee!


At the vet


Ouch! Poor Basil!

They stitched him up under anesthesia and sent him home with some pain killers and antibiotics. They also said to hand walk him to go to the bathroom until he gets his stitches out 10 days later…


You can see how well that worked out! LOL. Basil is all healed up now and feeling just fine! He continues to go to doggie daycare once a week to get his energy out with the “dog pack.”