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Last night was a pivotal moment in the saga of the Subaru as I finally ripped its heart from its chest and held up the pitiful organ for the world to see. Or, less colorfully, I pulled the boxer engine and mounted it on a stand.



It did feel more mythical though as it is the culmination of almost three months of turning, pounding and PB Blasting bolts and fasteners. To be clear, total hours worked is no where near that extreme – and that three months includes almost two months of doing basically nothing as other projects took precedent during our warm December.  I think, working non-stop, I could’ve done this in a long weekend. If I did it a second time, one day is doable.

While things went OK, a 14-year-old un-garaged car in Wisconsin had its share of rusted and seized bolts to go along with my lack of experience. On the tranny, for example, it took 5 minutes to remove 6 of the bolts and 3 hours to remove the 7th. The location was less than ideal for someone without a lift. I’d share a photo, but there wasn’t enough room for my phone…

Above are a few more photos. I did not really do a “how to” on this because every car is different and I just don’t have the time. However, I’d be happy to answer questions about it. If your question is “can I pull an engine?” My answer is: with the field service manual, some DIY auto repair xp (brakes, oil, exhaust), a good socket set and some lifting equipment – probably.

While I’m proud of the work… it still needs to be rebuilt and dropped back in.So while it feels done, it’s not. But in the words of George W. Bush, “Mission Accomplished!”