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It’s Easter time!!! One of my favorite holidays as a kid. Waking up to an Easter basket filled with candies and chocolates, searching our small backyard and house for hidden eggs and dyeing eggs wacky and weird colors was all part of the greatness of the holiday. As I grew older some of those traditions have slowly faded away. My mother now tosses me a bag of my favorite Easter candy and says, “This is from the Easter bunny…” However you celebrate this holiday or don’t celebrate this holiday there is one surprise you may not be in for that stems from this occasion.

I found out the hard way when my then boyfriend, now husband, decided that the potted Easter Lilies with Purple cellophane wrapped around the pot sold at the local grocery store would make a great surprise present for me. He brought it home and I was thrilled to pieces. So thoughtful, so pretty. I put it on the counter and took a picture of it and posted it on facebook for everyone to see. Little did I know that would be my first and last of the pretty potted plants that I would ever own.

easter lily

My cat Pickle immediately started gnawing on the leaves and I moved the plant to a higher location. Later that night Pickle started vomiting and licking her lips from nausea. I thought nothing of it as I saw her eating that plant and figured it just didn’t sit well with her. The next day when she was still licking her lips and extremely lethargic I called my mom, who is a vet, and asked her why she’d still be licking her lips like that. My mother then informed me that if she had munched on an Easter Lily, that she was probably very sick and there wasn’t much you could do. Easter Lilies are extremely toxic to cats. They instantly start shutting down their kidneys.  We ended up rushing Pickle to the vet where they tested her kidneys and sure enough, they were hardly functioning. We ended up putting her down.

I cannot explain the heartbreak of having to put my precious cat down because she munched on a plant. A plant that they sell every year in nearly every grocery store without any kind of warning. So here we are today, trying to get the word out. If you have a cat at home please please please do NOT buy these plants. This is such a common problem that nobody talks about. My mom spreads the word every year as well as puts signs up at vet clinics. I hate to see anyone else ever go through what we did.


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