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When we bought our place we were blessed with hidden surprises. We first looked at the property in late May early June. This is important because we did not close on the house until July. You may be thinking “so what?”. Well when you see something in May it looks a lot different then it does in the middle of July. Especially when the owners were elderly and took the sale as a granting of freedom from weeding and maintaining.So when we moved into the house near the end of July, things looked very different from what we remembered. Back in May, things were barely sprouting since we had such a long rough winter, it brought a late spring. By the time July came around, There were weeds and brush taller than a NBA star.

Walking around I swore there were grape vines when we looked at the property, but could not find them. Finally we looked at some of the pictures we took and found where they were supposed to be!


This is the picture we took in June when we did the home inspection.. you can see the weeds starting up already.

When we walked out to the spot we were welcomed with a horrible mess of weeds and tall grass completely engulfing the supposed vines.


When we found the vines…Yikes

As you can see by the look on my face, this was not what we were expecting. What a mess!!! So we went to town on the vines and eventually got it back to what it should be.



So now that we’ve found these vines, what the heck do you do with them! We left them be for the rest of the summer and ended up with one, only one, small bundle of very very sour grapes. We concluded these were Concord Grapes by the bitterness of them.


The vines needed an obvious pruning so over the winter I took my handy bin with a string and went to the vines to snap off twigs for kindling for our wood stove. I dont know if I took too much or not enough. The next summer we ended up with more grapes but only on one of the vines that I did not prune down as much making me think I may have taken too much off the other three vines.

Either way, I look forward to this year to see what it produces! I was able to make one batch of Grape Jelly out of last years harvest, it’d be nice to get more this year!