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Last year we planted in the garden and used Popsicle sticks with marker to mark what we planted. This worked for approximately 24 hours. We got some rain and distracted with some other projects while our seedlings started growing and when we came back to the garden, the ink on the sticks was illegible and we couldn’t remember what was what. Therefore, this season, I decided to make my own, weather with standing garden markers. I looked all over the place for ideas and there are billions of great ideas out there. However, my craftsmanship and patience is not adequate for following through with many of them. I started by scavenging around to see what materials we already had at home. I found some of that handy-dandy lattice Joe used on the box and some wood-shaped hearts that were left over from our wedding decorations.


Lattice                                             Wooden Hearts

So I decided to glue them together:



Maybe not the best shape… Husband and I have already spent many minutes giggling over this

Then paint them and label them:


Not the best design as you can see my labeling ran right over the seam of the two hearts being glued down and on some makes it harder to read, but for using up free left over material and a $4 can of spray paint, I think they will work just fine.