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Having only been at our home for two winters and coming upon our third summer, there is still some question of what is going to grow where. After a fairly mild winter I walked around and saw some greenery showing face. I’m not 100% sure what all these are as some I don’t remember seeing last year.


These might be surprise lilies….

We had surprise lilies in this spot last year but I swear they came up in August not April.


Wild onion and tulips!!!

The onion i do not remember being there last year but there are several patches of it in the garden bed. I can’t wait for the tulips to bloom, they are my favorite!


Tiger lilies

I think these are Tiger Lilies.

I believe these are Hostas. Maybe the two different colors represent solid green vs. variegated?

It’s always exciting to see what comes up in the garden beds. Hopefully after this year we’ll have a solid idea of what is in there and we can continue to expand and make it more magnificent in the upcoming seasons!