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The advantage to being 31 and married to a softy is that you get to walk into a store, realize they have baby chicks and unlike when you were a child and got told “NO”, you get to bring some home. πŸ™‚And that’s what happened. The local hardware store had just gotten an order of day old chicks, I said I wanted some and Joe went and got me 4 babies. He got two Black Stars and two Black Australop chicks. Both are breeds we have not had yet but should be decent egg layers. As our first round of chicks are approaching their 2 year birthday, egg production is expected to slow down. We were hoping Ms. Buffy would go broody soon and we could hatch our own but again, patience is not either of our strong points.

So here are some baby pics and some selfies:


It will be a tight squeeze in our coop but I think it will work out just fine. Stay tuned

Update: Ms. Buffy is broody but she’s only sitting on 2 eggs. We’ll see what happens with those.