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Strawberries seem to be one of those plants that just never seem to go away. Unless you are me that is. Year after year I hear people talk about their strawberries and how they couldn’t kill them if they tried. And I think to myself, what the hell am I doing wrong!When I was a kid we had a strawberry patch in the backyard and I have very few images from my memory of strawberries in there. I have many more memories of us digging it up and making a manhole fort out of it.

So when we moved in to our farm here, there was a raised bed with strawberries in it. I though, oh how great! I saw one little berry sprout up last year and the next time I looked in on them it was gone without any other prospective plants popping up. So this year I got a little shopping happy with the seed catalogs over the winter and ordered 35 strawberry plants. I am determined to replant that bed and get strawberries out of it! I hate store bought berries but fresh ones from the garden are worth eating! I thought I’d share some of the before and after redoing my strawberry bed. Joe of course helped bring in compost and turn over the soil and even planted a few before throwing in the towel and leaving the rest up to me.




After compost was added Joe started planting


Let’s hope these little guys grow and thrive for us this year!