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We got the phone call Thursday saying our bees were arriving and we’d need to pick to pick them up over the weekend! Since we took the bee keeping class in February, ordered the hive (unassembled) in March, that we’d be fully prepared…Of course not!! If you’ve learned anything from reading our blog it’s that we do a lot of things last minute. The rush was on to get the hive built and painted and aired out before the bees came! Joe started building the hive and I started putting the frames together. The frames are what goes in the hives that the bees start making their combs on.

After the frames were put together the needed some fresh wax rubbed on them. This is to help encourage the bees to start building their combs on the frames and give them a familiar smell to start with. So inside, I chopped up part of a 1lb block of wax (thank you amazon prime) and started melting it in a glass jar, set inside a pot on the stove. Once the wax melted I took an old toothbrush and started lightly brushing wax onto the frame foundations.

By this time Joe was done with building the hive parts so we started painting them. We slapped on two coats of white primer and called it a night.

Saturday arrived and I went into Madison to get the bees. The person we ordered them from works her business out of her house. I walked in and instantly heard buzzing. She had these boxes of bees just hanging out on the kitchen table and sofa. I collected my box of bees and off I went. You may say…this doesn’t sound like a very safe idea…Well, I’ll show you. The bees come in a box they swear they can’t get their stinger through like the one in the picture below.


So as you can see, I made it home safely with our box of bees and our newest members of the farm.

We then suited up and brought the bees to the hive and attempted to put them in. We watched many videos on this and read many articles and I’m not quite sure we did it right. It seemed that there were a lot more bees swarming around than in the stuff we’ve watched.


So the bees are in the hive, they are being fed with an upside down jar of sugar water 1:1 ratio to help provide enough food for them to start creating their combs in the hive. Now we wait and check on them over the weekend to see if they’ve made any progress 🙂