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And they are here! Another round of babies!! We ended up with 24 Red Broiler chicks and 2 Broad Breasted White turkeys. After our episode with our accidental, beloved Cornish Cross, “Big Bird”, we decided not to go down that road and try a different meat bird. A meat bird that is a bit less prone to problems, slower growing and good for free ranging. So that’s how we ended up picking the red broilers.f353223f-022c-42e7-a1b4-7d52a0c498c2

This will be our first try at meat birds. We have never raised turkeys either so this will very much be a learning experience for us this year. We decided to start with two turkeys since they are so much larger and we haven’t any experience with them. If they work out then maybe next year we can try a heritage breed. Heritage breeds are supposed to be tastier and a lot slower growing as well as a smaller weight.

With 26 baby chicks they will out grow the recycling bin very quickly. So, I started building a large brood box for them. This brood box needs to be coon proof since it will most likely end up in our “horse barn” where coons like to take occupancy in.

I started with our beloved 2″ x 2″ x 8′ furring strips and some 1/4″ particle board and a sketch.


Once I finished the box, I created a removable lid with hardware cloth stapled to the top.



This should be large enough to hold chicks until they feather out enough to go in their summer big chicken coop.