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Almost six months after it began, I started  the Subaru the other day. As odd as it sounds, I’m not sure anything in my life has been as satisfying as hearing that car turnover.

By the time the motor was back in I really wasn’t sure if it was gonna work out. Rebuilding the engine made pulling it feel like an oil change. I had to tap and helicoil a few of the mounting holes for the water pump and ended up replacing all the components for the timing belt.

Kate helped me stay positive during a few setbacks and my brother also lent a hand for the timing job. There has been no shortage of ten hour days at the office plus everything else to do around here, and it was often hard to come home and climb under the car for two hours before bed.

But, I enjoyed it too and although I’m not sure I’d do an engine rebuild again, I learned how to do so much. Even if the car hadn’t run, a lifetime of skills were learned that will pay for themselves down the road.

However, it did run, so there is cash money rewards! We were offered 600 to scrap it when it shit the bed. Or 4500 for the gasket job – which was overpriced because the guy at the dealership didn’t want to do it. I’m getting out for about $2k, which includes:

New gaskets, head bolts, timing belt and components, water pump, thermostat, radiator hoses, cooling hoses, catalytic converter, resonator, muffler, ALL gaskets and seals including cam and valve. Machined heads, spark plugs and serpentine belt… the UPS truck was here a lot because even auto zone couldn’t top these prices… and while I support local when I can, some parts were $300 more at the local store… can’t do it.

Basically we got three times the repairs for half the price and I should have a car that has 80 to 100k left in it.

I hope now that it’s over I can contribute a little more to the blog (as work is slowing down some too.) Luckily Kate’s been updating despite a schedule that has also been demanding lately!

While I’m not going to do a how to on pulling and rebuilding a motor, I have a lot of tips and recommendations I can’t wait to share. Some on DIY auto repair, most just general tinkering tips.

A few photos.