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Well folks, our chicken coop building experiences are complete (for now). The egg layer babies and our first hatched have the pink coop, the oldies (original egg layers) are in their red coop and now, the meat chickens and our lone turkey are moved into their summer “meat bird coop.”We spent a good amount of time moving chicks, integrating chicks and building coops for all of our 30 some chicks and we have reached our goal. Last weekend we were able to finish off the welded wire fencing, hung some roosts, added latches and carried a recycling bin full of oversized young birds down from the barn to the newly refurbished corn crib meat bird summer coop!

Here is a before and an after picture. It doesn’t look like much because we left so much of it open but we added wire, 3 walls, a door, roosts, and a roof under the existing roof.


Cleaned out the old floor and other garbage (Before)



You can see our happy little meat chickens and our white turkey enjoying their spacious coop.

We also decided to go with a 5 gallon bucket waterer for these since there are 25 of them and we don’t have a close water supply. Farm and Fleet started selling them but they have been all over the DIY forums for a long time. We of course did ours by using one of our 5 gallon buckets we always have laying around and purchasing the nipple ends from the store. It was very simple, just drill some holes in the bottom of the bucket and screw in the nipples, fill with water and hang. You do have to be careful not to place the bucked on the ground after you have added the nipples as they will bend and therefore leak.

It does seem a bit damp/wet on the gravel underneath the new waterer, however I’m not sure if this is from the chickens making a mess with it or if it drips on its own. For this being an outdoor summer coop I’m not too worried about it as they have plenty of room to stay dry and it’s warm enough I don’t have to worry about frostbite.

I was worried they wouldn’t figure it out but within minutes they all seemed to figure out how to get a drink. It seems to be working out perfect for these guys/gals.