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Last summer as we were working in the garden, our loyal dog Basil started barking. He is a hound dog and tends to howl instead of bark, so this was unusual. I looked over as he was  pouncing around, barking and jumping back away from something. I dropped everything and ran down towards the creek. I was expecting to see a raccoon or some other evil creature but as I came closer, I couldn’t see anything. Then, there it was, I looked down and saw a baby snapping turtle. turtle baby3

This little guy was what was upsetting the dog so much. Yikes! So, we put the little thing back into the creek bed and went on with the day.

Flash forward almost exactly a year later and what do you know! It came back! (in reality it’s probably not the same turtle b.c I don’t think they grow that fast, but I’m going to pretend). Same situation, Basil started barking and pouncing at something down by the creek. This time, I could make out a shape from afar and thought it was a log. But it wasn’t. It was a snapper again!

Much bigger this year than last years snapper. This one again, just sat there while the dog danced around at him and sniffed noses. This time I did not pick this guy up. I left him be and shortly after he was gone. I wonder…is there a need for turtle hunting dogs out there…? 🙂