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This year we planted 25 strawberry plants. We had a jumbo variety as well as the typical variety. So far our Jumbo’s are doing really well. The plants themselves look great, standing strong, reaching out with very healthy looking leaves and producing berries. The other variety is doing well also but is a smaller plant and seems to be a lot slower growing. Of these plants I know we’ve lost a few due to pulling weeds around them and accidentally grabbing the plant along with the weeds and realizing it too late.



This is one of the Jumbo varieties.

So far the Jumbo variety strawberries dont seem to be producing jumbo fruit. Maybe it’s still a bit early for them, or maybe we have some bunnies munching on the good ones before we got to them.


I think this coming weekend we’ll put some deer netting over them to try and keep bunnies out. Even though they are in our raised beds, I know bunnies can get up in them.