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We struggle with commitment, even to things we enjoy. For us, it’s usually because we take on too much. We think we can do everything and we’ll both have the time and desire to put 100% into everything we try. That doesn’t always happen though. This year our commitment struggle in the garden struck early. We planted half our garden early and were feeling pretty good about ourselves. It was growing and we weeded it and carried on with our routines until….the rain started. Rain throws us off. We got hit with a few wet weeks/weekends/days and figured, ah hell with it, its too wet to get in there. We also had other personal, work and social conflicts that just struck at the wrong time. Lesson learned though, water makes things grow, weeds and vegetables alike. You MUST get in there and pick and pull otherwise you have a huge mess on your hands as we did. Even if we come home from work tired and worn out and it’s pouring rain, we have to throw on a slicker and some rubber boots and go out! Just like the goats and chickens, it requires daily care, rain or shine.

The consequences so far…

We ended up loosing our Radishes. They were left in the ground way too long and have morphed and bolted and have split and shrunk.


Bolted radish plants

You can see above these little guys are misshaped, dull and dented. Not what you would want to see at a farmers market.

Our leeks, spinach, kale and bok choy were a little slow to come up and quickly out-competed by thistle and other weeds. Our kohlrabi came up but was fighting with other growth and has no mass.  We’ll have to try for a fall crop when this heat passes on those ones. On the bright side, our onions, peas, brussel sprouts, peppers and tomatoes look great! It stinks to lose so much of the green harvest, but we’re still learning. At the end of the day our farm is still a hobby, and sometimes you have to table a hobby for other responsibilities.