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Although our radish’s bit the dust our beets turned out fabulous! Some of them grew to the size of a baseball! So now what. What in the world do you do with so many beets? This is always my question when it comes to veggies in the garden. I am not a big fan of raw veggies so I’m always on the lookout for new things to make with them. This year I decided to try pickling them. Although I don’t care for pickles or anything in vinegar, I searched hard and long (not really) and found a recipe with enough sweetness added that peeked my interest. This one I found on allrecepies.com


A few tips when dealing with beets:

  1. THEY STAIN EVERYTHING!!!! Wear an apron and clothes you don’t care for, clean up any splashes/spills immediately to avoid the set in stains. They will stain your hands so if you choose to do so, wear gloves. (My hands were very stained last night but a little soap and water and they are back to the pink fleshy color they have always been).
  2. Peeling beets is easy like peeling potatoes. However if you boil them for about 15min the skins come off very easily.
  3. Beets bleed so leave them unpeeled while you boil them as well as leave a few inches of stems on while you boil them so you don’t loose out on the juices.

And here are parts of our canning adventure.

One thing on my wish list this year is an outdoor burner with propane. So I can can outside. Our stove top burners are smaller and it’s hard to get the large pot to fit over top of them. Canning is always messy (at least for me) and it’d be nice to make that mess outside.