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It’s here! Berries everywhere! We are fortunate (this time of year only) to have our tree lined property to be full of wild black raspberry bushes/vines. Running through them chasing a loose, scared rooster, not so fortunate. But for now, I’m engulfed in berry picking. Gotta get them while you can. file__storage_extSdCard_DCIM_Camera_20160701_180159This year being the second season we’ve been here for it so I knew exactly what to look for. First the berries start forming. Then they start turning red. This is not the time to pick them, but it is the time to start checking on a daily basis for ready berries. When the berry starts to darken and turns black and simply falls off the vine is when they are ready. It seems that out of the clusters of berries, they turn ready one at a time.file__storage_extSdCard_DCIM_Camera_20160701_175202.jpg

If you have to have an argument with a berry it is NOT ready to be collected yet. Leave it be and grab it the next time.

One tidbit that I learned was that raspberries do not continue to ripen after they have been harvested. So only pick the ones that are ready. It will be well worth the wait.

Basil, the dog, also enjoys berry picking. I’m not sure he understood to pick the dark ones, but he softly tugged at berries throughout our berry picking adventures and happily munched them down.