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A sad scene this morning when I went to let the chickens out. One of our biggest fears and it finally happened. Night predators. As I came to the pink coop with the 4 young “black babies,” as we call them, something was off. The waterer was turned over and empty and there were black feathers all over the run. file__storage_extSdCard_DCIM_Camera_20160715_065250.jpgI started counting and only saw the three teenage hens. There should be four. Someone was missing, and missing a ton of feathers. I looked and saw some blood on the wood on the bottom of the run along with more feathers. Something go my chicken. 😦


I started to follow the piles of feathers and found two more piles on the hill leading toward the woods. Still no body parts and no injured chicken. I unfortunately had to run to work so I didn’t have time to send our injured bird finding dog out to look for her. I’m hoping when I get back today she comes out of hiding and is alive and is moderately okay. Otherwise, I hope she died quickly and didn’t suffer.

I feel 100% guilty about this. The run was made of chicken wire not the hardware cloth like we knew we should have used and I had been leaving the coop door to the run open at night since it’s been so hot out. Poor little chicken. We’ll be making some major improvements to our “temporary” housing enclosures this weekend.