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A step up. In the literal sense of course! This post is plain and simple. How to build a set of steps. Our basement vestibule was missing a key factor. Some stairs to the outside. file__storage_extSdCard_DCIM_Camera_20160801_205730As we become more involved in new hobbies, we decided this space, with easy access to outside would be a great place to keep our beekeeping supplies as well as our chicken processing equipment. Only one problem, obvious right? We need a set of stairs. So here is what we came up with.

A set of movable stairs, you know we aren’t great with commitment so movable certainly appealed to us. stair projectJoe decided to save money, energy and time, to only build two steps, no need for one at the level you walk out of the door from. He went to Home Depot and collected some lumber. 2×4’s and 2×6’s for the treads.


He then started building the base.


Then added the treads. Pretty simple and easy. He did this small project in an hour or so after work and it only cost about $25 in materials. And now we have stairs for easy access!