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This years garden seemed to be on the bottom of the list of priorities. That being said, it was by no means neglected, but just didn’t live up to our high expectations that we start out with every Spring. It’s still doing well for what we had planted.

For one, our asparagus is doing fantastic!! Despite coming home to freshly planted asparagus plants being scattered and tossed throughout the garden with signs of chicken dumplings laid about, it is now flourishing!

They say to let your asparagus go and fern out the first season and not to harvest it. So that is just what we have done. The ferns do get very top heavy and with the stalks being so thin and fragile they tend to fall over. I’ve attempted at tying some string to a few stakes to give it something to lean up against and that has only halfway worked. I’ll have to come up with a better solution soon.

Our yellow onions look good! They are just at the point where we have stopped watering them and are leaving them in the ground to dry out and use as needed. These can stay in the ground for quite some time. Or above ground as ours always bust through the topsoil, but their tiny roots are still in the ground gaining water as needed. file__storage_extSdCard_DCIM_Camera_20160725_185551

You can see a tomato has sprung up right through the middle of the row. Last year we had tomatoes here. We have also planted a second crop of yellow onion last week hoping to get one more crop out of them this season. We’ll see if we are lucky enough.

Our Kohlrabi surprised us and came up. This is our first go around with it so we were glad it made an appearance. Now to find some recipes for it!

Our peppers are going bonkers this year! Bell peppers, jalapeno, banana, green peppers and chili peppers.

Our tomatoes are growing like crazy again. Last year we swore up and down this year to prune them up so they  didn’t get so over grown. Of course, we failed to follow through with that and have giant tomato plants producing lots of tomatoes! Our peas came and went and were tasty while they lasted. Our second planting of those are climbing their way up our chicken wire fence we put in for them and should be ready soon.

As far as how our vines are doing, well, our squashes are doing well but as for cucumbers and watermelon, not so good. This is the second year now that they have either started to come up and then died right away or didn’t come up at all. I’ll have to do some research on them for next year.

We still have the other half of our garden that we weren’t able to get planted right away, so we are looking forward to planting it in the next few weeks for some fall crops.


One of the best things we have done for our garden to minimize weeds has been spreading grass clippings between rows and around plants until they get established. We are weed central and they love our garden. We haven’t sprayed for them and just pull them out by hand and whack them down. By spreading clippings around the weeds stay much more manageable. Every week after mowing we run the lawn sweeper over our grass and spread it throughout the garden. You do need to re-spread clippings in areas every few weeks or so to ensure keeping weed growth to a minimum.