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With so much Kohlrabi and not a huge fan of slaw, I decided to try making chips out of them…Here is what I did.


I first sliced the kohlrabi into very thin slices.

I then tossed them into a bowl, added some olive oil and salt.


Then I spread them onto a baking sheet and tossed them into the preheated oven at 250 degrees. You are supposed to bake them for 30-60 min until crisp.

I have absolutely no patience so at 40 min I decided that was good enough. I pulled them out and they were still soggy. I put some more in for a bit longer and cranked up the temp to 325. They burned.

I left the first batch out, thinking that they would dry out. Well, I was wrong. 5 days later and they are still soggy. The taste is pretty good but I don’t care for the texture. I think I would also peel the veggie first. They say the skin doesn’t brake down when cooked and for roasting them you typically peel the skin off. I chose to leave it on for these chips and it just has a weird texture and doesn’t add anything to the chips.

So, lesson learned, as much as i don’t care for slaw, I think the next batch of kohlrabi is going to be shredded and turned into just that. Stay tuned for more veggie experiments gone wrong.