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After a kohlrabi chip fail, I decided to try kohlrabi fritters. I made these for dinner on Saturday and they turned out fantastic! It has renewed my interest in this very ugly vegetable. I don’t have exact measurements for these as I just ended up tossing everything together. So give it a try, spice it up and let me know how yours turn out!

First I cut the skin off of 4 kohlorabi.20160813_182931.jpg

I then shredded them usingĀ  my cheese grater. I’ll probably invest in something a bit better next time since this took me a very long time and made my hands sore.

20160813_191822(1)I then added 3 eggs (I think I may do only 2 next time), I added some grated Parmesan, some panko bread crumbs and a few upside down shakes of garlic salt and mixed together.

The mixture turned out to be fairly watery and I dont know if that was the egg or just juices from the vegetable. I noticed how wet it was when I was shredding it, so I’m thinking it might be juices from the kohlrabi. This is where maybe a bit of flour would help…

Either way, I then grabbed a handful and smashed it between my palms and made a pancake shape about the size of my hand. I had my frying pan with some olive oil heated and ready to go.

So, I tossed them on and let them sizzle for a few minutes on each side until they turned golden brown.


I served these up with some freshly sliced tomatoes from the garden with some ground Basil. I was weary, but surprisingly, they were amazing! Even my husband said how much he like them and wished we had more kohlrabi planted. Little did he know we have our second crop of them popping up in the garden asĀ  we speak and there are still more out there to be picked!