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Every so often the nesting boxes give you a jolt and a surprise much like the ones you got when you realized Santa came and he thought you were a good kid. Last Friday that’s exactly what happened. Our 3 remaining black chickens refused to go back in that pink coop at night after the one black chicken got attacked and eaten in the middle of the night. They kept settling in on the shelves in the goat barn and I’d scoop all three of them up and toss them into the red coop with the mature ladies, promising them it was safer there for them and not to be scared. After a week of this routine, they finally started to get it. They are the last ones in the coop for the night but none the less, they go in on their own.

Long story short, last Friday I went checked the nesting boxes like I always do, and to my surprise, I found a very tiny egg! I love that feeling! Getting your first egg, seeing a hatched baby, and now finding a first egg from a newly mature chicken in the nesting box!

When chickens start laying they tend to lay small little eggs like this one. This one is also a lot darker than any of the eggs we’ve gotten so I know exactly where it came from…


And there she is. You can tell because the other two black hens still have a more pale/fainter comb than her. Hers is bright red! So that was our excitement on the farm for the week, at least for me. 🙂