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I was fortunate enough to get the chance to visit the Botanical Gardens in Madison a few weeks ago with my mother and my brother who was visiting from Dallas.

These gardens make up 16 acres of hidden treasure in the city. They have a conservatory with exotic plants and flowers as well as butterflies and birds. If you are looking for a cheap date in Madison, it’s the way to go. It’s $2 to get into the conservatory and free to walk the gardens. Unless you buy a map which will cost ya a quarter. Well worth the visit. They even have a small bus that will take you around the gardens and fill you with information. We however, decided to go about it on foot. Here are some pictures of some of the beauty. I was too busy taking pictures and looking around to associate names with any of them, but I know of someone on that could probably name every one of them, Midwesternplants. This is certainly her cup of tea. So I’ll just fill this post with pretty pictures.file__storage_extSdCard_DCIM_Camera_20160808_152710


If you are ever in Madison, check them out; Olbrich Botanical Gardens