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Last Sunday we saw a CL ad from a man a few miles away trying to “clean up” some items on his property… before the county did it for him. Ever the bargain hunter, Kate suggested we head out. And he did list what seemed like some useful items – lumber, shingles, gates…

When we got there I understood why the county (and his neighbors) weren’t terribly pleased with the property. He owned a dumpster company and was saving anything that might make a buck. It pretty much looked like a garbage dump with a pole barn on it.

However, there was plenty of treasure if you looked and while I planned on playing American Pickers and doing some bundling and bargaining – I was almost motivated to ask him to raise the price when he told what we wanted for an item. A “good item” was $5, everything else was buck or buck-fifty. I couldn’t believe it.

I picked up some 10ft 2×10″ boards for 1.50 each… which if you’ve been to the lumber yard lately, is an amazing price. We also got some power tools, a work light and a small wishing well among countless other items. The final tab was $60.

The best bargain was two roller composters. We offered ten for the pair and when we looked them up at home they sell new for over $200 each! They aren’t worth that IMO, but it’s still a great deal.

While we’ve made out OK at some auctions, not competing with other buyers (and the pressure of the county) gave us quite the upper hand. You can see the truck was filled… the cab was stuffed as well.