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Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!…… (lyrics)

Growing up my mother used to “sing” this nursery rhyme to us and my brother just loved it. Now as a grown up, I am walking around our farm with the lyrics to this nursery rhyme running through my head. You wonder why, well, for good reason. We have acquired a little black sheep! Meet Mr. Beasley!


Mr. Beasley was found on a golf course in Oregon, WI this summer and ended up at the Dane County Humane Society in Madison, WI. This is also where we got our beloved dog Basil. I this guy up there on their page and instantly shot them an email asking for more information and to come see him. And it was love at first sight. As I walked in I was expecting a full sized sheep. To my surprise, he was only up to my knee and full grown! I fell in love and had to take him home. After texting my husband saying “I am getting this sheep,” I made arrangements and picked him up the following week.

We loaded the little guy up in a carrier  and off we went to New Glarus! The land of lush pasture and happy faces.sheep-6

In the “goat barn” we sectioned off with some kennel panels, (real stalls to come eventually), a part for Mr. Beasley so he can get situated and introduced to the goats without them hurting him. Mr. Beasley made himself at home and was already starting to eat treats out of my hand.
That evening, I made sure everything was secure and said my good nights to the critters. In the morning, I came in to the “goat barn” and found all the goats on Mr. Beasley’s side of the fence and no sheep!
I instanly paniced! I had flashbacks of loosing our rooster, Brewster within minutes of getting him home. Brewster story here
I then heard the softest, kinda barfy baaah, from around the corner. There he was, soaking wet from the storms during the night hiding from those mean goats that kicked him out of his new home! Oh thank God! I shewed all the goats out and got him back in where he belonged. Instantly I thought, “I need to find him a friend his own size.” So craigslist it was, I searched and called and found someone selling Shetland Sheep not to far away. Off I went and choose a nice little ram for his friend.
They got along instantly! Now they are a team against those goats and I feel much better. He still doesn’t have a name yet, any “Mr. ????” suggestions would be appreciated!
They spent the weekend out in the field smorgasbording on the grass as Basil watched and stood by protecting them! More sheep stories to come, stay tuned!