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As fall arrives our summer adventures with the goats have come to an end for the year. The “goat guy” came last weekend and picked them up. Most of them will be bred for March babies and the rest will go to market. Which I can’t even think about. It was a learning experience as well as entertainment for us. They hardly required any care on our part as they only needed grain once a day. But somehow now that they are gone it feels like less chores, quieter and less like a farm. But don’t worry they will be back in the spring with new babies (kids) and hopefully a lot more mamma goats to eat our pasture down.

It was amazing to watch the little babies grow and until I looked back at pictures, it was shocking to see how much they actually did grow. The little black one will be bred this fall and come back next spring with her own kids!file__storage_emulated_0_collage_maker_1475364629086They did a great job in the field doing away with invasive weeds and trees that were growing out there but there was more than 9 goats could handle. We agreed with the “goat guy” that next year we need more. The field they are in is the low point of the valley with the creek running through. This makes it perfect for weeds to keep growing. I’m still not sure if they have stopped growing yet for the year. And if only they would eat those damn burrs!!! Maybe next year. We certainly look forward to having them again and will try to invest in our own flock in the spring time as well.