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Well it happened. We have had two nights with a frost. I know there is still more gardening possible and planting for over-wintering can be done but for us, the first frost is time to clean up the garden. It’s also time to harvest our brussels spouts!They say brussels sprouts have extra flavor if you let them go through a fall frost. I’ve only ever had them when Joe and I have planted them over the years, so I can’t attest to how they taste without a frost. But I can attest to them tasting delicious every year after we let them go through a frost!

It’s also time to cut our asparagus down and put mulch over it for the winter. Next year we should be able to harvest it.

We also decided to clean out the garden and till over the soil this fall rather than letting it wait until next Spring. Last year we left it, figuring keeping some growth on it would help keep soil from running off over winter but we just ended up with a small jungle that prevented us from getting soil turned over and seeds planted in a timely manor.

We did have one late planting of onions that I think we will just leave for the winter. We’ve never let anything winter-over before so we’ll have to wait and see what that brings us.file__storage_extsdcard_dcim_camera_20161018_180607

Lessons learned for next year:

  • Plant 1 pumpkin vine so we have pumpkins. Last year we had too many, this year we had none.
  • Plant only 1 pepper plant per type of pepper. We had way way too many peppers.
  • Beets and radishes do not do well in the middle of summer. Plant early in Spring.
  • Plant some corn next year. Somehow we completely missed putting seed in the ground.
  • Never plant summer squash again. We don’t care for it and it ripens very quick and can take over your garden.