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We’ve always said, “boy, it’d be nice to have an orchard here, ah well, maybe next year.” It’s now been over two years and we finally found a good deal. We found an offer for 6 4-year old fruit trees, delivered and installed for one good price. He had many options to choose from so we  picked two apple, two cherry and two pear trees.

Here are our choices:


(1) Gala-These apples are a good balance between sweet and tart and are great in salads and prepared into sauces.

(1) Honey Crisp-These apples are one of America’s favorite apples. They are just as the name states, crisp. They are great for pies and just plain ole eating.


(1) Bartlett-These pears are most seen in the produce aisle at your grocery store. They are known as the “canning pear” and are great for salads and eating.

(1) Red D’Anjou- These pears are beautifully colored, mostly maroon and red tones. Some get streaks of color depending on how the sun hits them on the trees.


(1) Bing- These are large dark cherries that prefer a dry summer. Hopefully we will luck out and not be too wet for them to do their magic.

(1) Lapin-These are deep red plump cherries. Oh I can’t wait to eat these!

These all seemed good choices for us based on flavors as well as cold hardy and survival rate in Wisconsin winters. We have stayed clear of any pesticides to this point but will need to spray these trees if we have any chance of getting fruit out of them. Hopefully we can find some organic ways to keep insects away.