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This year we are bringing in the New Year pretty low key compared to our Big City days. However, the year of 2017 is going to be full of excitement for us.Come April we will have an assortment of babies on the farm. Baby goats, baby chickens, baby turkeys and…..a baby human! Yup we are expecting our first baby around Easter this year. We’ve kept the pregnancy and baby bump photo’s off of the internet so far but thought since we are well into our second half of the pregnancy we should spread the news to all of you. I promise, we will not turn this blog into a baby/mommy blog. But some of the projects we will be doing in 2017 will be a direct result of our growing family. We look forward to all the challenges the new year is going to bring us.

I’ve already acquired several baby carriers, chariots and other contraptions that I think will help get the new baby out and about with us as we do the things we love. We are very excited to grow our family and for the new adventures it will bring. Cheers and Happy New Year!