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We’ve sorely neglected our blog the past few weeks, mostly because we dove into renovating one of the upstairs bedrooms. The second story of our house has been basically closed off for two years, but with the family growing we’ve decided to start sprucing it up. It has had zero updates since the 1970’s – or at least nothing significant – so there is much to do.


Like every project, one of the early steps was removing chains of florescent lights.

I will have a number of posts on this project when it’s done, but we’ve tackled too many different things to do one post. We’ve continued to struggle to find contractors, so even on the rare occasion when I realize a job is better left to the experts, calling one isn’t an option. In the meantime, the vast array of work we’ve taken on has had me thinking about a topic dear to my heart: the lack of skilled trades.

I think it’s certainly true that many in this country have come to view these once-sought-after jobs as the employment scraps leftover for those who can’t go to college. I know when I was growing up, that’s how middle-class suburban high schools pitched it.

That is a terrible shame because at the end of the day these jobs are often more important and even more complicated than many of the ones of college students end up with. Any successful economy needs men and women wearing blue and white collars, don’t get me wrong. What I take issue with is the notion that one is a better representation of success than the other.

Plumbers, electricians and carpenters provide the most essential work there is, and their jobs are no more likely to become automated than a CEOs. We need these people around and we should encourage ALL students to go after these jobs if they have an interest – even if they do score a 34 on their ACT. Shouldn’t your electrician be as smart as the guy deciding what Facebook ads you see? But, instead of listening to me on a soap box, just enjoy this curated content from AFV as proof we still need skilled tradesman. So far, our project is going better than these… so far.