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I have a soft spot for pretty much all of God’s critters – although the spot for raccoons is growing more callous by the day. Ironically, while designing new defenses against the masked invaders that insist on using my barn as the world’s biggest toilet, I was able to help a distraught bird.

At first I thought a barn swallow was making a home in the garage. Unlike the coons, swallows are more than welcome in the barn. I love the way they dart around and the beat of their wings has a soft, comforting tone. However, as this bird started slamming into walls and doors, I realized it needed a help.

After exhausting itself I was able to simply bend down and pick it up. Upon further inspection, it was a little small for a swallow and lacked the forked tail. Furthermore, a barn swallow wouldn’t get trapped in a garage like that if their skills at navigating the barn are any indication. I think it was a Baird’s Sparrow.

Never the less, he stayed in my hand panting at first but seemed to relax after a bit. He was too exhausted to fly so I placed him on our wishing well. After a few minutes he regained his strength and took flight again. Godspeed little sparrow – leave the barn and garage exploration to the experts.