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We’ve been a bit absent from the blogging world as we’ve been trying to finish up our bedroom/hallway/stairwell project we started. So here are some updates and history for you.

Coming from tiny apartments in the city to a two story farm house seemed like we were moving up in the world. The entire downstairs was bigger than any apartment we’d ever lived in before. Having the only bathroom on the first level as well as space to make a bedroom, we decided to keep the upstairs closed off as we didn’t need the room. We are fortunate enough to have one of those traditional farmhouse staircases that is steep and narrow and has a door on it so you can completely shut it off. And that’s exactly what we did, and what the previous owners did as it was completely left in 60’s -80’s decor.

Now, with the baby on the way, we will need the extra room so we decided to tackle one bedroom and the hallway. I think I’ll just do before and after pictures in this post and we will follow up with some more posts of what we did and how we did it as cheaply as possible. There will be many more pictures with some better detail, but here’s an overview of before and after.

Here are the stairs:


The Hallway:

Here is the bedroom. One of the before pictures is when we looked at the house, the other is just before demo of the luxurious drop ceiling.