Meet Us


 me 4Joseph K. Hillenmeyer

Born in Chicago, raised in the outlying area, higher educated in Kentucky, 20’d back in the City of Big Shoulders and now living in Wisconsin. Damn glad to meet ya. I have worked as a journalist, writer for a content marketing agency and now work in the marketing department of a smaller private company.

But my true passions are dirt, sweat, animals, chainsaws, split mauls, hammers and trucks.  So my professional career took some welcome detours in the form of horse stables, warehouses, landscaping companies and some construction. If my hands are dirty, my conscience is clean.

My love is my wife, Kate and together we live on 10 acres with a dog named Basil and some other critters. Some welcome, some not. I also enjoy beer, bourbon, cheese and brats. You can toss in a side of homegrown veggies, too.

20151214_215551Kate M. Hillenmeyer

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago with a love for horses. At a young age I started taking riding lessons and later started working as a polo groom so I could ride more often.

My passion only grew from there as I started to work with old fashioned trainers and learned first hand the steps to breaking and working with behavioral problem horses. I continued on to teach lessons and work side by side with some really great horse trainers.  

Eventually college came up and off I went to the city to get my degree in Interior Design. I decided Design wasn’t really what I wanted to do and went back to working full time with horses for the rest of my early 20’s. Eventually my now husband came waltzing into my life and we started dreaming about owning our own farm someday.

Real world jobs were a must for that dream to play out, so back to the city I went. Working for engineering firms doing boring stuff infront of a computer made me realize that we needed to put this dream into action sooner than later, and off to Wisconsin we moved. We bought an old dairy farm, got us some chickens and a dog and here we are now. Living and learning our dream.